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2017 Reflection & 2018 Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! Today, folks, is a pretty special post. Not only is it time for some reflection, and not only have I now been blogging for two years, but...this is my 100th blog post! So, before I go any further, I would like to say a huge thank you to anybody who has… Continue reading 2017 Reflection & 2018 Resolutions

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2016 Reflection & 2017 Resolutions

Happy New Year all! This time last year I started up this blog with the hopes of it being something which I would regularly update, as I don't have a very good track record of continuing things I've started... However, 44 posts later, I am very proud to have what I would consider a fully fleshed… Continue reading 2016 Reflection & 2017 Resolutions