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February: Monthly Favourites 2017

It’s coming up to the end of February, which can only mean one thing – time for some monthly favourites!



My favourite book which I read this month has to be ‘The Descent of Man’ by Grayson Perry. It gave an incredibly insightful view into the world of masculinity, with Perry’s childhood experiences seamlessly intertwined with real-life statistics; most prominently, it gave extreme accessibility to an almost taboo topic in today’s society. I wrote a full review on ‘The Descent of Man’ which you can check out here if you are interested in finding out more!



This month I was invited by my friend to see Bry on tour in our hometown; whilst I was somewhat aware of who Bry was, I eagerly took up the offer due to Tessa Violet being the support act (who I freaking love). Of course, in preparation, I decided to have a listen to Bry’s recent eponymous debut album…and I fell in love.

Every song on ‘Bry’ is unique; whilst there is a perfect mix of calming songs such as ‘Adventure Time’ and those you can belt out like ‘You’re Alright’, every single track is catchy and memorable. Naturally, being an Irishman, Bry’s voice is pure heaven as he sings his beautifully written lyrics, and those high notes are just perfection. For those of you who like catchy yet gorgeous sing-songwriter music such as Ed Sheeran, Bry ticks all of the boxes.

Favourite track: ‘Everything’

TV Show


I actually do not have a favourite TV show for February, as this month I took more of a favour towards films. However, I will still mention a TV show which I really enjoyed in January, and that was ‘Chasing Cameron’.

‘Chasing Cameron’ is a Netflix original documentary which centres around internet personality Cameron Dallas and his fellow friends who run the extremely popular MAGCon (Meet and Greet Convention). Whilst I had not the faintest clue who any of these personalities were, I believe the whole documentary was incredibly insightful into the internet world.

Inevitably, some parts were very cheesy, but it was interesting to see what sort of work goes into organising such a huge-scale convention, and the pressures placed against the boys who were only in their early twenties. It was obvious that the show was an advert for MAGCon, but it was also fascinating that they included in so many bad moments – including the managers deciding they just didn’t want to work a certain day! Overall, it is an engaging watch to understand a new part of today’s entertainment world, even if that wasn’t the documentary’s intended purpose!



After adoring the masterpiece that is ‘La La Land’, I knew that I had to watch ‘Whiplash’ to appreciate both Damien Chazelle’s screenplay and directing just a little bit more. And I am SO glad that I did. ‘Whiplash’ is probably one of the best films I have ever seen. Yep. I went there.

The film follows a young jazz drummer as he strives to become the very best at his profession, mentored by a ruthless and abusive instructor. The plot line is unlike anything I have seen before (although I have seen it paralleled to ‘Black Swan’ which I have not yet watched), and the acting by both Miles Teller and J. K. Simmons is sensational. Like ‘La La Land’, the cinematography and editing is on another level, and the ending will cause you to question your morals. Altogether, ‘Whiplash’ is a stunning watch which will leave you both grimacing and in awe.



Now, I have watched ‘Good Mythical Morning’ for a long, long time; however, recently I ended up having to catch up on about three weeks worth of videos in a couple of days, and the binge made me realise just how much I love this channel. If you are unfamiliar with ‘Good Mythical Morning’, it is a weekday talk show hosted by self-proclaimed ‘Internetainers’ Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal.

The show does a mixture of episodes, including quizzes, games, and discussions on increasingly random topics, and of course taste tests. The varied schedule means that the show is ALWAYS interesting to watch, and not only is it strangely factual, but it is simply hilarious. Rhett and Link are both perfect hosts for a talk show like this, and ‘Good Mythical Morning’ never fails to give me a giggle.

So that was my monthly favourites for February! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any recommendations you think I may like, or want to give your own opinions on anything I have mentioned, please feel free to comment below!



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