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January: Monthly Favourites 2017

I haven’t done a monthly favourites post for the last couple of months – mainly because I had other posts which I deemed more important, and also because there hasn’t been a great deal of new material which I have been loving. I was keen to get this monthly series back onto a schedule, as it had been slipping into around the 13th or 14th of the next month!

I’ve also renovated the format slightly and have decided to have one favourite for each ‘category’ as such, as it’s much easier to plan, and really narrows it down to my utmost favourites. So without further ado, let’s launch into my first monthly favourites of the year!



Shamefully, I only read one full book this month…Not a great start for my challenge to read 30 books this year! However, ‘The Art of Being Normal’ by Lisa Williamson was a truly brilliant book which is worthy of a spot on my monthly favourites, with fantastic characters, superb writing, and important themes. If you’d like to know more about the book and read my full thoughts on it, you can check out the review I did here.




Despite being released in November last year, I have finally gotten round to listening to Busted’s new album ‘Night Driver’. I was unsure of how much I was going to like this album; it is the first new material they have released as a band in 13 years, and despite adoring both McFly and Busted, McBusted wasn’t exactly the best thing to ever happen music wise.

Having said that, I absolutely ADORE ‘Night Driver’. Busted have taken their music in an entirely new direction, with a clean 80’s electronica sound that heavily contrasts the rawness of their earlier pop music. Each song is unbelievably catchy with considerably better lyrics than previous material, and pristine vocals.

All in all, Busted took a risk changing their sound, but it was ultimately necessary in order to produce something modern and updated. Whilst their previous material is perfect for a nostalgic sing-along, ‘Night Driver’ makes you want to get up and dance.

Favourite track: ‘Night Driver’ or ‘Those Days Are Gone’

TV Show


January saw the return of ‘Sherlock’, and if you know me even just the tiniest bit, you will know that this is ALL I have been talking about. Series 4 has been a controversial one in terms of public opinion; many viewed it as far too complicated, and many disliked the emotional foundations, wanting to see a return to Sherlock and John solving cases.

Overall, I personally really enjoyed series 4. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman displayed some of their finest acting as Sherlock and John faced immense emotional turmoil in every episode. I do agree that cases dominating the plots in series 1 and 2 will always remain supreme in BBC’s ‘Sherlock’; however, I believe they did a very good job of entwining their personal life with some gripping cases in series 4.

Series 4 will ultimately make little sense to you if you have not seen the previous three series’, but it is completely worth the watch. With insane character development and astonishing acting, ‘Sherlock’ remains one of the best programmes on television.

Favourite episode: The Lying Detetctive



With the extremely cold weather hitting the UK, my eczema has once again become my worst enemy. Something which I have found to be a massive help in the last couple of weeks is Purepotions Skin Salvation Intense Moisturising Ointment. Not only does it moisturise the skin, but it provides a barrier to protect the skin from the harsh weather conditions.

The best thing about this ointment is it is made from 100% natural ingredients. Unfortunately, the inclusion of hemp seed oil does mean that it doesn’t smell the nicest; however, it is a much more preferable option to put on my face in contrast to the ointments which I have been prescribed in the past! Whilst it is slightly expensive, I would highly recommend it to anybody dealing with eczema or dry skin.



My favourite film this month has simply got to be ‘La La Land’. Cliché? Maybe. But the more I think about this film, the more I simply fall in love with it. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling give superb performances in this film, and whilst their voices are not the most powerful, it only adds to the film’s rawness.

Not only is the film visually stunning with bright, crisp colours and incredible cinematography, the soundtrack is utterly wonderful. Musical themes are weaved throughout the film, taken in different directions to symbolise both good and bad times in Mia and Sebastian’s relationship. Ultimately, ‘La La Land’ does a stunning job at stimulating the senses, and is a beautiful reworking of a classic style of film.



My favourite person to watch this month on YouTube is Lucy Moon (meowitslucy). This month she has been attempting Moonuary – a video every day in January. Lucy has always been one of my favourite people to watch, but her laid-back vlogs this month have really solidified my love for her. Not only are they visually pleasing to watch, but Lucy opens up about important and pressing topics such as alcoholism and YouTube culture.

Recently, Lucy hit 200,000 subscribers after seeing a large surge in her channel, and it is fully deserved! I highly recommend her channel, particularly if you are a watcher of those such as Dodie Clark, Hannah Witton, and Savannah Brown (three more great ladies of YouTube!).

And that wraps up my January favourites! I really enjoyed writing this, as the more refined topics allowed me to go into a bit greater detail than I usual would. Let me know if you agree with any of my choices or if you have any recommendations!



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