album-of-the-month, thrill of the arts, vulfpeck

May: Album of the Month

In all honesty, I haven’t had time to listen to a whole lot of new music this month due to my time being dominated by exams and revision. However, I did stumble across this band in the comments of a YouTube video a week or two ago…

And so my May album of the month is ‘Thrill of the Arts’ by Vulfpeck. I cannot even explain how good this album is; it is weird but it is wonderful. Funk is a genre I never thought I would be properly invested in, but this has changed everything!

The lyrics may be odd, but the accompaniment and vocals (particularly from guest singer Antwaun Stanley) are so incredibly smooth. That is the only way I can describe this band – smooth. And I simply love it.

Let me know in the comments what you’ve been listening to, along with any recommendations for new music now I have the time to explore! I hope you’ve had a great month ☺



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