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Jon Richardson: It’s Not Me, It’s You! – review

Author: Jon Richardson
Publish Date: 23 June 2011
Genre: Comedy, Non-Fiction
Audience: Teens and up

3.5 stars

 I had spotted this book on numerous occasions, whether it be hidden in the depths of Waterstones, or sitting proudly in a charity shop. It was one of those books which just seems to follow you around. After stumbling across it yet again whilst scouring the library’s return shelves, I decided it was time to delve into the world of Jon Richardson. After all, it looked a relatively short read. Unfortunately, this book took me far longer than I expected.

But that wasn’t because it was substandard. ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You!’ first piqued my attention as it is the writings of a perfectionist – something I would consider myself – and I related to Richardson on more than one level throughout this book. That little niggling feeling you get when the condiments on the table aren’t lined up properly? The annoyance at having missed the car clock over a milestone on the odometer? Richardson sums it up perfectly in just one weekend of experiences.

In addition, Richardson’s writing is extremely pleasant to read – in fact, it was the most well-written book I have come across in a while. The way he describes his happenings are humorous, but with a strangely poetic nature – even if it simply observing those around him at the breakfast table, and is therefore easy to relate to. Ironically, it’s an amiable experience, despite Richardson’s stark hatred at certain aspects of life.

Where this book let me down, is the lack of variety. Whilst the first half had me completely absorbed, it soon became repetitive; the situations were different, but the perfectionist concepts and ideals were the same, and it soon became tedious.

Another flaw I noticed was the complete lack of interaction Richardson had throughout the entirety of the book. Whilst I admit, that is kind of the point he was trying to make, it made the narration heavy and slightly overwhelming, and this is why it took me so long to finish. I think there was an entire week when I didn’t even pick it up because even the thought of reading it was too much effort! (Having said that, it was an easy read once I was into it, and not nearly as much effort as I’d made it out to be).

In conclusion, ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You!’ delivers a unique and personal experience in which nearly every reader can relate to, perfectionist or not. The flaws identified by myself are most likely down to my own personal take on the book, and overall it is worth a read in order to obtain a new insight on the everyday world around you.

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