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Marigolds: Marigolds (EP) – review

Artist: Marigolds
Release Date: 14 February 2016
Genre: Alternative, Indie

4 stars

– London (3:18)
– Surfer Girl (3:20)

– Colourist (4:20)

As soon as I saw that a couple of my friends had formed a new band, I was instantly excited. I know from past projects (along with the spectacle that is GCSE music) that Marigolds’ guitarist Davey and drummer Owen were insanely talented musicians, so the announcement of new music immediately had me with high expectations.

To my delight, these expectations were thoroughly met. Released on Valentine’s Day, these three tracks appropriately fuelled me with all the love I needed as I was immersed into what is a pleasantly professional debut EP.

Track one, ‘London’, is the perfect combination of emo nostalgia and indie rock. The energetic introduction follows throughout the accompaniment, contrasting with reminiscent lyrics delivered with a certain melancholy. It creates eclectic images of a vibrant summer festival yet simultaneously a rainy, late-night drive. Confusing, but it works wonderfully.

‘Surfer Girl’ delivers a similar effect. Along with its summery title, the guitar licks and easy-going rhythm generate the feeling of a tranquil spring beach-walk, but the track is an unmistakeable love-ballad. Vocalist Joe again delivers a beautifully melancholy feel to the number, making it a placid and relaxed listen.

If you thought the first two tracks sounded professional, ‘Colourist’ simply blows you away. I cannot fault this track. Every single element of the band shines through at every single moment, from the engaging riffs to the unremitting drumming. Although it retains the familiarity of alternative indie, the changes in tempo and variety of effects give the track its distinctive uniqueness. In addition to this, the latter half of the piece is entirely instrumental and showcases the band’s virtuosity wonderfully.

In summary, in case it wasn’t clear enough already, I am unquestionably impressed with Marigolds’ debut EP. Whilst the band displays an almost typical indie vibe, there are evident bursts of a unique sound which reveal pure potential for the Norwich based group. It is no surprise that there were featured on Norfolk’s BBC Introducing before the EP was even released, and I cannot wait to hear more from this extremely promising band.

You can download Marigolds’ EP here with an option to help financially support the band. You can also follow their latest news and gig updates on their Facebook here.



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